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    7 Steps to Start A Blog

    6 Steps to Start A Blog Catherine-Yvonne

    So You Want To Start A Blog…

    “Blogging should improve the lives of your readers, so when they are able to find my posts and use the information, it truly brings me joy.” GirlGetGlamorous

    That comment one of the reasons I started this blog. I want to help, and take my past mistakes and keep others from making them. Or share amazing Gluten- Free recipes. Or basically whatever I want to write about. It’s helpful for me to have a creative outlet when I work on spreadsheets all day in the office! So here’s how to get started:

    1. Decide your Niche & Name

    In order to start a blog you need a focal point. What do you get the most compliments on in your life? Your makeup? Your style? Your interior decorating? Your math skills? All of the above? Start a blog around your strengths. Then pick a name for your site. I took the super lazy way out and used my name, but it works for me because this is an embodiment of myself. Or at least the good parts. Hopefully.

    2. Get Hosted

    I know, I know everyone pushes getting hosted. But, there’s a reason. You don’t want to start a blog on a crappy platform (cough cough WIX), then get popular with tons of hits then decide to upgrade to WordPress because of the advanced features and a custom URL. When you switch you’ll lose a significant number of the people you’ve already had following your blog, plus you’ll also lose all that data of hits and bounce rates – which most advertisers and affiliates want to see! It’s best to do it right the first time.

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    I personally use BlueHost. It was the cheapest and came with the WordPress Setup.  I used another bloggers affiliate link, which helps keep them in business and gets you a discount. 

    Once that’s done follow up and get the same names on Social Media: Instagram / Pinterest / Twitter / Facebook. That way all your social media is consistent and it’s easier to find your blog on the different sites!

    3. Make The Space Yours

    Then the fun part starts. Customize the crap out of your website to make it fit your personality. I personally got my theme at Creative Market, because that’s what I used for goodies when I was a graphic designer, and they give out a ton of freebies.

    4. Write Content

    Write whatever you want to write! Get your advice and story heard. I highly recommend having 10 -15 posts ready and waiting for your launch. Don’t be a tease and spread the word that you’re doing amazing things while having only one or two posts. Especially when you’re just getting used to writing and finding your voice. You want them to get hooked on different posts and categories and then come back checking for more.

    5. Monetize

    Yes, you want to monetize your blog. Why? Because it costs to host a website, plus you deserve to be compensated for your expertise and time writing. So, I recommend setting up the systems in the beginning so that you never have to feel like you are wasting your time or knowledge.

    Here’s what I use:

    1. Share a Sale – Share A Sale works with over 4,500 Merchant programs across a variety of categories. Discover and apply for new partners today with our Merchant Search. It seriously helps with everything.
    2. Shop Style Collective – Great for Pinterest or if you are in the Fashion realm. However, you only earn about 10 cents per click, and they don’t pay out until you hit $100. So great if you only in fashion, not so great for everyone else.
    3. Amazon Affiliate-I mean, who doesn’t use Amazon? It’s magical. If your content falls outside of the fashion sphere, or even in it, this one is a necessity.
    4. Google Adsense – Helps embed ads into your page. Can choose from a bunch of settings and limit your advertisers. Again, only pays out after you hit the $100 threshold. Wonderful because it is pretty much automated, but also need to be careful when using it because you don’t want to overwhelm your readers.

    6. Promote

    Once you’ve written your posts, you need to get them seen! So you can make a passive income and help other people.

    Post your blog posts on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest. I love the app If This Then That. It basically means, if I post a blog then post a link on these sites. It’s magic.

    But my secret weapon is Tailwind. Tailwind lets you schedule posts for Pinterest and consistently repin your previous posts for maximum traction. Within my first week of using Tailwind, I jumped from 1-2 hits a day from family and friends to 50-100 hits a day from strangers on Pinterest.

    Try a month and see how you like it.


    Investing in a blog is shockingly hard work. You have to create content and be able to promote yourself at the same time. But it’s 100% worth it. Especially if you’re able to create a passive income from it.