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    15 Jackets For A Cold Weather Wedding

    15 Jackets For A Cold Weather Wedding

    Of all the million things that need to be planned and handled for the wedding, I’m most worried about being cold. So I’m in deseprate search for sweaters, jackets or wraps that won’t keep me from looking bridal, but will keep me warm.

    Like, currently we have no bathrooms at the venue and I have insane anxiety about being in front of people… but I’m most worried about being cold.

    Historically, at our location, on our date, its been from a low of 60 during the day to a high of 70. BUT, every dang night it drops down to 30 or 35. Which means, it’s theoretically possible for it to snow on our wedding night. One of the drawbacks of high elevation mountain wedding. So I’m busy looking for cute and warm jacket options to put over my wedding dress.

    Disclaimer: the dress has not been picked yet, so the jacket choices may change depending on the dress style.


    If you’re a classic bride: a simple sweater wrap or bolero may be the pick for you. A burgundy option would be a bold statement to contrast to your white dress. Or a wrap sweater is universally flattering.


    For the bolder bride a moto jacket would be an amazing contrast to an extra feminine wedding dress. The jacket is the ultimate “cool girl” jacket. Plus it is one piece you can easily wear anytime after the wedding.

    Faux Fur

    Faux Fur is also a classic for a cold weather wedding. With vibrant shag bombers, shearling jackets and teddy-bear coats being in style and season right now, it’s easy to find a gorgeous fluffy topper for your dress. I’m honestly partial to the leopard print bomber because why not wear leopard on your wedding day? One, and ONLY one leopard print item would be allowed before it turns tacky though – in my personal opinion. Unreal fur is a new brand to me and I’m in love! It’s so soft and animal friendly. I’m not vegan by any means, but I appreciate the amazing alternatives to real fur.