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    How to Repair Damaged Hair

    Healthiest Hair Repair Hair

    Way back in the day, like 2009, I genuinely fried my hair from bleach, washing, and styling every day. It was falling out, and the mid-lengths of my hair would break, rip and fall off when I’d just run a brush through it. Here’s what I’ve learned…

    The Big Chop

    If you’re looking to repair your hair this is an unfortunate but most important step. If your hair is breaking off or just has tons of split ends, you need to do a chop. Yes it seriously sucks. But it’s a necessity. Split ends can’t be repaird. Hair is dead. No matter what products you use to make it look like it’s better is just a temporary mask on the problem. You NEED TO CUT YOUR HAIR. I would honestly recommend cutting it an inch ABOVE where the damage ends. Then you need to maintain the healthy cut.

    Once upon a time, I was 3 glasses deep into my red wine, reading about hair dusting and shopping on Amazon. Hair dusting is when you clip stray ends on your hair length and I’m very grateful to my slightly inebriated self for not doing this:

    The Split Ender

    Two days later (thanks to Amazon Prime), I found a lovely present from tipsy me on my doorstep. The Split-Ender. It genuinely changed my life. I don’t have to go to the salon every six weeks 3 inches to be cut when I asked for 1. I can do this at home and have an EXACT measurement of hair taken off. It came with two settings 1/8th of an inch or 1/4th of an inch. It’s genuinely magical. I can just do a light dusting of my ends to make sure they are healthy. It is easily one of the main reasons my hair stays looking healthy.

    Promoting Healthier Growth Internally

    Biotin is known for being the “best” to treat brittle hair and nails. I love its effects on my nails. But I can’t take the high dosage because it causes cystic acne for me. So I’ve resorted to other supplements. Namely, Viviscal.

    Viviscal is made from fish products so don’t take if you have any seafood allergies. But it genuinely works for me. After several weeks of taking it my scalp and hair were getting oily quicker. Like within a day or two when I can normally go a week without washing. All the minerals in it helped me grow hair quicker and healthier at my roots.

    This is not a quick fix. You’re not going to take one pack of tablets and see an extra 3 inches of hair growth. This is a long term habit that can lead to healthier hair with good habits (like not bleaching, straightening or curling everyday).

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    After all that you need to take good care of your hair that is growing. And I highly recommend my Hair Crack recipe to keep your healthy and strong.